Building Your Business is Our Business

We are a consulting firm specializing in business development
for the heavy civil capital improvement industry.

Business Development Services

Market Intelligence

Strategic Planning

Targeted Promotion

Custom Research

Strategic Alliances

Network Bridging

Company Representation

Interview Prep

Dedicated business development.

Reduce the risk of missing out on key opportunities.

3 Tiers of Service

Take your business to the next level through collaboration and focus…

Internal Support

We design and facilitate strategic planning workshops resulting in prioritized strategic initiatives that align your executive team in a practical and collaborative way.  We help you get structured for implementation and facilitate three quarterly progress meetings to encourage follow-through and maintain team alignment.


Make big moves in the market…

External Support

Are you exploring innovative methods, new niches, new clients, an expanded geography, or alternative delivery methods? It takes people to make things happen. We can help with:

  • project teaming
  • client exposure
  • strategic alliances

We will identify opportunities, work with you to develop your messaging, promote your offering, and facilitate key connections.

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Do you need some high-level business development support but don’t want to invest in a full-time employee to burden your overhead costs?

Perhaps you need some customized research, targeted promotion, or company representation at meetings or events. Representation services vary broadly and can be customized based on your specific needs. 

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Market Intelligence

Know your market and position to win early.  

Our Market Intelligence service covers the transportation and water heavy civil markets with primary geographic focus currently on California.  Our posts run on a quarterly cycle…

  • Month 1: Opportunity Tracker report – Lists large project leads well in advance and tracks their progress through development to construction advertisement.  This is a very customized list that we keep updated with input from owner project managers and engineering consultants.  Project opportunities tracked will typically have a construction cost estimate greater than $20 million.
  • Month 2: Project Profile report – Offers more in-depth coverage on select project opportunities.
  • Month 3: Agency Profile / Interview report –  Documents an interview with a select executive from a major capital improvement program.

You will be provided with a username and password to access the Marketing Intelligence Library through the Top Line MC website. 

We welcome subscriber input to help us better focus our research to meet your needs.

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The Challenge

Many companies miss out on key opportunities due to late information which can be very frustrating when those opportunities are right in your wheelhouse or strategic growth area.

Finding out about project opportunities too late can have many negative consequences such as:

  • Other JV teams have already formed
  • All the best specialty players are locked up
  • There is little time to catch up on research
  • Key designers are already committed (design – build)

If you do decide to jump in late, your competitors are way ahead of you in positioning for a win.

The Solution

Top Line Management Consulting specializes in identifying large infrastructure opportunities well in advance. We track them to see how they shape up with:

  • Scope
  • Solicitation schedule
  • Procurement method
  • Funding

In addition to basic means of market research, we have a wide network of contacts to leverage including:

  • Construction contractors
  • Design consultants
  • Industry associations
  • Infrastructure owners

We are able to tap into these relationships for information and for potential teaming and strategic alliances.


Our Philosophy at TOP LINE MC

The top line is …

Top Line refers to the top line of your financial statement, which indicates revenue in black.  To be top line focused means growing your business, winning work, and creating jobs.  It’s an emphasis on growing the positive.

The bottom line is …

The bottom line of your financials refers to profit, determined by subtracting costs indicated by the red line in-between. To be bottom line focused means minimizing costs which, although necessary, can be painful and risky.   It’s an emphasis on reducing the negative.

We focus on the positive … building your TOP LINE

Clare Singleton, PE, PMP, MCSE, MBA

Principal Consultant

A Unique and Broad Mix of Experience and Contacts

Clare is a rare individual with experience working for one of the largest public works agencies (Caltrans), one of the largest contractors (Skanska), and one of the largest engineering firms (AECOM). Because of this unique and varied background, she has a broad range of professional relationships and an understanding of heavy civil project delivery from different perspectives.

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